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"I am so excited that I met you and your wife. It was over a year ago that we met and collaborated in a thought I had in my mind about creating a Bible comic hero. It was through your conscience knowledge of what a hero should be and being able to see the hero (as though you could read my mind) that the perfect hero character was developed and Captain Faith was born. Then with your guidance, you turned my second idea into a reality by producing the character transformation from Captain Faith to a sci-fi hero Faith Warrior, both of which are now being read all over the world. It is people like you and your wife that lend yourselves into the projects of your customer that bring our products to the media with excitement. We move from artists and customer to a creative family. I thank God for placing you two into my life. I pray that you have much success and God bless you."

Dr. Alfredo Noble.

"I noticed that the use of captions reminded me of comic books from past eras. This was a nice change of pace when compared to more mainstream comics. I really grew to appreciate the extra information they provided, especially during the battle scenes."

                                    Brent Clark, Client.

"Matthew was the first artist I'd worked with. He made the process very easy to get started. His art has only improved."

       Mike B. Client.                                                                                                       

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