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Matthew O'Keefe
Graphic Designer, illustrator and Freelance Artist

I'm an illustrator/writer and graphic designer my Amazing wife Catherine is a Graphic Designer, Photographer/Videographer and an accomplished Copywriter.  I started my Comic Publishing business "Online Comic Heroes" in the spring of 2015. My goal was to feature my independent comic creations.  I had been working as a Freelance Artist since 2013, my wife Catherine encouraged me to start my own title and publish my comic art.  


Catherine and I met in 2006, shortly after I started a new comic series.  Under my Lead Title "Man Power" this four part series would eventually be my first Published Graphic Novel "Man Power: Birth of the Supermen" released in 2016.  Catherine and I got married on September 20th 2008.  We live in the Muskoka region of Ontario, Canada.   
​Catherine and I had initially self published the Graphic Novel and debuted the book at Toronto's 2016 Comicon.  We then took it to Sudbury's Graphic-Con that summer and got a good response.  We decided that the creative part of the work was where I wanted to focus my time.  Catherine found us a Publisher and by August 2016 we had our Graphic Novel ready for sale.  Initially the book was on, and  By November we started to get our book onto store shelves in Coles, Chapters and Indigo store locations in Ontario. We were invited to a number of stores for Book signings and were fortunate enough to visit Orillia Coles and North Bay Coles stores and sign copies.  By early 2017, we had our books in over 80 Coles, Chapters and Indigo locations right across Canada.

An unfortunate illness sidelined our marketing efforts.  Unable to continue active work during my recovery, we concluded our association with our first publisher. 

We continued our work with digital comics.  We ran successful Kickstarter campaigns in 2018 and 2019.


Once Matthew was able to continue the comic work, new series were added to the library.  As of June 2020 we had ten complete Graphic Novels. 

Summer 2020 accepted our comic for sale on their site, it was a big accomplishment for our online sales.

In The


As you tour this site, you will see images of my wife and myself at various conventions.

I include these, because I am so proud of my Amazing wife Catherine.  It is because of Catherine, that I have accomplished what I have so far.  Catherine has inspired my work and encouraged my creativity.

Catherine helped us create our first websites.

She supported my first business endeavor. 

In 2015, I started an online publishing business "Online Comic Heroes". 

We self-published our first graphic novel. 

We had some interest at our first couple of conventions.  In 2016, Catherine found a Publishing company to distribute our Graphic Novel.

I am so grateful for Catherine, and the tremendous impact she has had on my life.

We hope to collaborate on a children's book in the future.  If you would like to see Catherine's website please click here

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