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Character Design

In writing the World of Heroes comics, 

I created hundreds of characters.  Only a few dozen actually made it into the published works.  

Most are sitting as supporting actors waiting for new issues.  Often, I will create a simple character sketch.  If I intend to use a character in a story, I will create a profile image of the head.

It is a discussion I enjoy when working with clients.  I often ask clients to pick a known actor, to use as a reference.  I like to think that clients work will one day be made into a live action movie.


In the sample to the left, two profiles of characters are looking at each other.  The client outlined that he wanted an older version of the protagonist, as he was writing a time travel story.


I was very welcoming the challenge of aging the main character.  I had enjoyed the project.


In this sample, I created an action pose and below a head shot.  In the initial discussion via email, the client gave me a description and overall theme of the lead character.  It was not until I delivered the concept sketches, that the client indicated the race he wanted.  The writer asked that I change the character, to be an African American.

As it turns out, the writer wanted me to use his own likeness for the character.  Providing a number of photos, I ended up working for the better part of a year on his comics.



In this sample, I only created a few concepts for the client.

The client described the character as the Indiana Jones of mountain climbers.  It was for a period piece, taking place in the same time period as Indiana Jones.

This was one of my first samples using Adobe illustrator.  I really enjoyed that program.


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