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I can help you create your next Project

I have been working as a freelance illustrator since 2013.  I have worked on several Comic Book series in addition to creating my own series of Graphic Novels.  I have illustrated seven Digital Children's books for one client and I have provided Concept Art and Website illustrations for clients.


My specialty has been Pencil and Ink illustration, lately I have been expanding into digital illustration.  When working with clients, it is important to understand their goals.  I can adapt my work to imitate a variety of art styles.

Page rates are negotiable, depending on your project.  Take a look below at a sample of Penciled Comic Samples.

If you like what you see, please move to our Contact Page and send us a message.

I had enjoyed the 

Christian Bale, Batman.

Using the first movie as inspiration, I created this portfolio sample.

I took a few liberties, as I had also enjoyed Tommy Lee Jones' Two Face.  To the right is an eight page sample.

A YouTube Content Creator, once shared a Batman story concept.  What if a Meter Maid kept following Batman around giving him parking tickets.  I created this three page sample for him.  Using his favorite Batmobile from the Animated Series.

In this next three page portfolio sample, I pulled inspiration from Marvel's Thor.  Taking a editors tip, I wanted to create a story with horses.  The animal being one of the most challenging for artists to draw realistically.

This last sample portfolio, includes five pages.  My wife and I enjoyed the Smallville and The New Adventures of Lois & Clark television series. 

I created a sample, what if Superman continued to age?  For good measure I also brought in a story element from the Superman motion pic

I am including our current collection of Cover Art below.  Some examples use Adobe Illustrator, others are hand drawn and another selection were created using Corel Painter Essentials 5.  

If you like what you see, please move to our Contact Page and send us a message.

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