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Client Samples

In 2013, my wife encouraged me to take on Freelance Art projects.  

For two years I accepted small projects.  I was lucky enough to have four clients repeatedly come back for various projects.  

One of my first clients was Noble Comics, a small independent comic publisher.  Over the course of 2013-2014, I illustrated and lettered four issues for Noble Comics.  To the right are two of the comics. 


Working from the Writers script.  I would consult with him, to understand his overall goal for each issue.  He often would provide photographs of family and friends.  He really enjoyed using them as characters in his stories.

I would take these photos and using Adobe Illustrator incorporate the characters.  I did the entire creative process.  I illustrated, did the layouts and lettered each page.

This was the first time I had used Adobe Illustrator in my comic art.  I was really impressed with the tools and how intuitive the program was to use.

The issues are still available on a website called Comic Flea Market.

Catherine and I include a testimonial from the Creator of Noble Comics, when we published my first Graphic Novel.

You can read that testimonial on our Reviews Page.

Client Sample 1.jpg
Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 11.39.06  PM.p

Over a period spanning approximately two years, I had the privilege of illustrating seven issues of a digital Children's Book.  Cad McGhee & The Nasty Three, is available on 

I remember the first concept sketch for the lead character, was very realistic and detailed.  My client wanted to go for a more simple caricature of a raccoon.  Owing to the fact this was to be a children's book.


Each page was to have a single image relaying the events.

I hand illustrated the first book.  Later the author liked the samples I gave, using Adobe Illustrator.  New issues used Illustrator.


I enjoyed this series of books. 

I have included this next series of samples to show a project progression.  The client was under a deadline.  He was making a PowerPoint presentation and had a direction to make it more unique.  Being a time sensitive project I offered a line illustrated character from my portfolio.  I quickly adjusted to the color theme and logo.


The client wanted to have his corporate hero in a series of slides for his presentation.  Using several stock images supplied, over the course of a short time I came up with some sample ideas.  The client just wanted to run with them, without further polishing.

I would have liked to continue the development.

Even now looking back, I would have liked to add shading and depth to the character.


I enjoyed any time I could work on children's books.

This project was a spiritual story focused on faith and prayer.  I was very pleased how the characters turned out.

I was using photo references.


It was not very often that I colored projects.  I really enjoyed the Black & White illustration process.  A number of times clients would identify that they preferred not to hand off the work to new artists.  I gradually started to offer colored art services when asked.

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