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Children's Books


During my Freelance work, I have had the chance to work with multiple clients.

One of my favorite projects to work on was anything geared for children.

When approached by new clients, I would outline that I do not work on any violent or graphic projects.  So when I would get children's projects, I would really get into them.  My wife and I have our own Children's Story, that we have talked about collaborating on one day.

Below are a sampling of the children's books or projects I have worked on, for clients. 

My specialty when I was starting out was hand drawn black and white illustrations.

I would scan the images into my program.  From there I could add text or word balloons.

I soon integrated Adobe illustrator.

I still really enjoyed working in Black and White art.

Once I started delivering projects using illustrator, I could incorporate photos and images that clients provided.  Many of the early clients liked to have friends and family members as characters in the finished work.

I am very proud of this project.  I remember it was for a eBook, on spirituality and teaching children how to pray.

This was one of the first projects completed entirely using Adobe illustrator.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss any project you have in mind.

Visit our contact page to reach out to us.


The following images come from the children's eBooks Cad McGhee & The Nasty Three.

When I gave my first sample images at the start of this project.  The client asked me to go more simplistic.

We soon settled on this style.  There are seven books I illustrated in the series.

This was the longest continued project series I had the privilege to work on.


Each story focused on one heist made by the four raccoon bandits.

Hot on their heels was Sargent Barge.

One book, they stole the monument from

Plymouth Rock.

In another book, they kidnapped Punxsutawney Phil just before Groundhog Day.

For each book, I ended up learning something new.

Each took place somewhere of significance in the United States.

The author, was very detail oriented.  I enjoyed working on each book.

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