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Welcome, if you have not had a chance to read our Online Series Man Power, please head over to the page before continuing here.

Collected here is the series Man Power: Rise of the Heroes.  This is technically book six of the collection.  It was originally available for digital sale in 2015.  Unfortunately I had some technical difficulty and lost some of the original art.  What remained had to be reconstructed with read only files.  As a result we could not publish this series.  I am therefore offering the entire series as a complimentary free download.  You can open the PDF or just download/print the pages.  *If you have purchased this comic from another site please just email and include proof of purchase and I would be happy to send you a complimentary PDF of one of our new titles.  Remember Subject Line "New Comic".

In order to provide context, let us review the Order of Events for The World of Man Power.

Our first published Graphic Novel, is Man Power: Birth of the Supermen Volume One.

Man Power: Birth of the Supermen Volume Two overlaps Volume One and introduces the reader to our Online Comic series Man Power (book three).  We introduce the backstory of Man Power: Origins (book four).  Picking up directly after Man Power, is

Man Power: Retaliates (book five).

After Man Power: Retaliates, the lead character disappears for approximately one year.

At the beginning of Man Power: Rise of the Heroes, he has just returned and is inspecting the secret organization named for him.  An unimaginable disaster takes place in the city of Los Angeles.  Man Power and his team go into action to save as many lives as they can.

A vile plot is unfolding concurrently with Man Power's attempts to save lives.  It is during these times of crisis, that true heroes act.  Superheroes from all over come together, working to save lives.  In the final chapter of Man Power: Rise of the Heroes, Man Power is asked to become the leader of America's Super Team once more.

Thank you for showing interest is this free comic series.  Look for the next exciting story from The World of Man Power, Man Power: Strikes Back (book seven).  Book seven was created with two goals in mind.  The first being the next story ark of our protagonist Man Power.  Second it raps up the cliffhanger from Man Power: Birth of the Supermen Volume One.  Look for the series in digital sales.  For you comic fans who like myself want to hold a physical copy of the Graphic Novel, click on the link for our Print On Demand Titles.

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