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Matt's Comic Art publishes "A World of Heroes" comics.  The primary title features "Man Power".  The world of Man Power, is basically a parallel Earth.  The only difference from our World is the emergence of Super Powered people.  The original Online Series "Man Power" focuses on the time period when Man Power was in the forced service of the United States Government.  The storyline is told between 2020 and 2022.  The first self published comic we produced was "Man Power: Rise of the Heroes".  The next four part series is "Man Power: Strikes Back".  I wanted to fill in the history of the Man Power world.  Our first Graphic Novel published in 2016 "Man Power: Birth of the Supermen Volume #1" fills in nearly 80 years of back-story's of the Man Power world.  Another back-story is "Man Power: Birth of the Supermen Volume #2".  This particular back-story overlaps into the original "Man Power" series.  Starting a new series after "Man Power: Strikes Back" is "Man Power: Is Out of Time".  This series debuted digitally in 2019. The first series published for 2018 was "Man Power: Origins", this story takes place directly before our free web-series "Man Power".  Future series coming soon, include "Man Power: Fights the War", "Man Power: R.A.V.E.N." and "Man Power: Retaliates".


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